Liquid level control uses specialized transformer and control circuit, with reference to the similar foreign products standards,
with beautiful appearance, and small size. Wiring is simple,
High stability, strong anti-interference, low power consumption, high contact capacity, wide voltage range, etc..
Suitable for controlling the liquid level of any electrically conductive tiquid, which can be widely used in agriculture water supply and drainage, construction engineering, residential buildings, and scientific experiments, etc.
          This product is a in tank liquid volume sensor, using SENSOR/ Float switch to transmit ON/OFF signal, Automaticly adjusting liquid level inside tank. Easy to maintain, and install. Comes with LED indicator lights.


Model FB-EC-P2
OUTPUT PUMP ON, OFF, Emergency Signal (2PUMP ON)
Connection 11PIN
Voltage 220 VAC 50/60Hz
Output Voltage 14V DC
Connection capacity 5A 250VAC
Current consumption 2W
Working Temp 0~60oC
Installation 11PIN

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