Sanco Float Switch

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Sanco Float Switch


Unique appearance water drop design (patented product)
The bead type makes a larger water contact area and has strong buoyancy (when there is a lot of sewage and debris, it can slide and float automatically)
Level switch Sensitivity: 45angle/80 precise angle targeted
Voltage and current 3A 250VAC
Suitable for clean water, waste water, sewage etc.

Float Switch FA-10302-6
Float Switch FA-S8000-6
  1. Float buoyancy : Triangular round shaped cone sized73x100, extra buoyant.
  2. Material : SUS304/316 Float, Silicone wire
  3. Resistance : Rust, Oil, corrosion, heat resistant to 200o
  4. Precision : 15~20o Angle
    (Customizable 40o~50o angle mecury switch)

          WARNNING : MAX 200oC


     Liquid level control uses specialized transformer and control circuit, with reference to the similar foreign products standards,with beautiful appearance, and small size.
     Wiring is simple, High stability, strong anti-interference, low power consumption, high contact capacity, wide voltage range, etc..
     Suitable for controlling the liquid level of any electrically conductive tiquid, which can be widely used in agriculture water supply and drainage, construction engineering, residential buildings, and scientific experiments, etc.
     This product is a in tank liquid volume sensor, using SENSOR/ Float switch to transmit ON/OFF signal,
     Automaticly adjusting liquid level inside tank. Easy to maintain, and install.
     Comes with LED indicator lights.

Float Switch FB-EC-P2